Sunday, June 28, 2009


The chefs of the Hyper Kitchen are doing a yeoman's job of making this blog the very best of the internet. We have quite a few things simmering away, and the management thought it'd be a good idea to offer a taste of things to come. So, harnessing the power of Science, we have sundered the fourth-dimensional veil and reveal the shadowy specter of Things to Come.

Expect these special features:

-The History of TV Creature Feature Hosts!

-The world's smartest man, and why we're all doomed!

-The full story behind the missing 7,600lb nuclear bomb!

-Stan Ridgway: how David Lynch and Yogi Bear inspired this famous musician!

-Radio doctor John Brinkley and his promise of extended life and vitality through xenotransplantation!

-The man with three ears!

-Maila Nurmi: the life of a Hollywood vampire!

-The imminent technological singularity (or "Robopocalypse Now")!

-How Superman ended World War II!

-The cinematic car-accident that is Blood of Ghastly Horror!

-What is the mystery of...KLEE?!

And so much more! Tell your friends and neighbors!

Be prepared.


  1. Science!
    After all these years of Science[!]it continues to dazzle us.

  2. Melvin GuilstrongJune 30, 2009 at 10:35 PM

    may the glorious luminescence of SCIENCE shine upon your glittery path and show you that there is alas, not a man behind the curtain, but the robot diety that created us all with a snap of it's metalic appendage! LIFE IS BUT AN ILLUSION! because science said so