Saturday, September 26, 2009

We will restore picture clarity in a few moments.

They say that the first year of any restaurant is the most difficult, and this also holds true for the allegorical lunch-house of learning that is the Hyper Kitchen. Thanks to some unforeseen technical difficulties, we've been unable to post new stories on the Hyper Kitchen for a while now. But fear not! Thanks to eleven fire-extinguishers and a half-full box of baking soda, the situation is well under hand. Exciting food for the thought is on it's way. Be prepared.


  1. I suspect sabotage. Perhaps the rival cooks at the Ultra-Kitchen.

    Or possibly Billy Joel. We'll never know for certain.


    Boris karloff in his kitchen, nice shoes

  3. I love this photo so much it's now my desk-top. I've heard that Vincent Price was something of a gourmet, which makes we wonder if the two exchanged recipes on the set of the Raven.

    Billy Joel is my ancient enemy. I cannot rest until I have defeated him.

  4. Billy Joel must be destroyed so that others can live.

  5. If you liked the one of karloff you should take a look at the other photos from their "stars in residence" series. It's very interesting.