Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Five Fingers of Fear

While feverishly assembling the shattered pieces of an ancient tablet, I drew ever closer to unlocking the secret of the Haunted Archipelago, but then the kitchen clock chimed and I realized that it was high time that I got to work on the newest entry in our wildly popular Monster of the Month series

They say a picture is worth a thousand worlds...well, this one is worth 1,003.

This 1963 films tells the heartwarming tale of a disembodied appendage of an astronaut; who is ripped to shreds when mission control presses the suicide switch and detonates his capsule after he becomes stricken by an alien force. The mangled hand falls to Earth, where it is discovered by a teenager named Paul (who naturally decides to bring it home). Soon the hand is strangling people right and left, but what makes this mitt particularly malicious is its corrupting influence on the teenage mind. The hand exerts a strange control over the young Paul, causing him to develop dark rings under his eyes and avoid society. Soon Paul has taken up strangling too and the feds are hot on his heels.

It doesn't end well, and thanks to some comic-relief morgue attendants the Crawling Hands escapes to lure more gullible young Americans to their doom. So, be vigilante. Report suspicious hands.

Would you like to know more?
-Watch this trailer and soak up the hyperbole


  1. Y'know, Monday, I can let the occasional typo slide, but this article is littered with them! Littered, I tell ya! (Okay, 4 typos... still far more than usual). That being said, I'm still more informed for having read it. So... there's that.


  2. Erm...nothing to see here, folks. No grammar mistakes here. Carry on. Go about your business. You know I'm right.

  3. Actually, I don't want to sound flippant. I'm not the best proofreader and it's useful to get these mistakes pointed out. Those conjugation errors are especially maddening and confusing. I'm a smart guy (why, my parole officer told me so!) and yet I always swap "ed" for "ing." Go figure.