Monday, November 07, 2011

Washington Comes Clean About the Little Green Men

In a recent public relations initiative, the White House made a promise to issue official responses to any formal petition to garner more than five thousands signatures in one month. They were probably not expecting a letter requesting the President to "disclose to the American people the long-withheld knowledge of government interactions with extraterrestrial beings." Who can say whether the signatories of this petition earnestly believed that the U.S. government had secret dealings with creatures from outer space or whether it was only for the lulz* (as the cool kids are wont to say), but the White House kept its part of the bargain and issued a statement saying that there has been no "credible evidence" of alien life visiting Earth or making contact from government representatives. For the majority of Americans, the question of whether or not the government had various Saucer Men secreted away in New Mexico bunkers was probably a non-issue. The tiny portion of the population who were concerned about such matters are doubtlessly skeptical. Conspiracy theorists are notoriously unreasonable. 

Would you like to know more?
-Read this article from The Hill

*This will be the only time that you will see Internet Slang on the Hyper Kitchen


  1. Don't believe it!
    Damn-it they are still covering up something.
    Sadly I fear newly gullible Hyper Kitchen has bought into this official sanctioned whitewash.

  2. Balderdash! Everyone with half a brain knows that the White House has been conducting secret diplomatic meetings with extraterrestrial hyper-minds since 1964. How else do you explain Nixon's fleet of flying saucers?