Friday, April 30, 2010

Protect and Heels

That guy is, like, eight feet tall.


  1. Since everyone knows women can't be cops, all a girl has to do is become one to be worthy of her own comic strip!


  2. No, they're both, like, thirty feet tall. Just like at the tiny little people by their feet. It's obvious.

  3. I find the clothesline discomforting. sure to lower property values which will in turn invite all manner of riffraff to take up residence in the neighborhood. Next thing ya know violence will erupt and the only line of defense the poorly maintained police department (<=town budget's been slammed cause the rough ilk ain't keen on payin taxes, the PD flounders due to severe budget cuts) can offer will be lady cops wielding measly billy sticks. And the rest of us are all hung out to dry. Damned clotheslines.


    p.s. more posts please

  4. I think you're dead on accurate there. Once you get t-shirts and towels flapping in the breeze, then the high-society take off to greener pastures and you're left with the ne'er-do-wells and the neighborhood becomes a hellhole. No revenue, no hope. Just look at that nuke-stained orange sky. This is a doomed world. Lady Cop, along with her only back up (Disembodied Floating Lady Cop Head), is the last line of protection between society and chain-wielding giants.

  5. Anyone notice the man near the "Lady Cop"'s butt? he's hard to notice, looks like he's floating/flying.

  6. Damn! You've got eagle eyes, I never wouldve noticed him. Actually though, he's standing on a vary precarious set of stairs.