Thursday, October 29, 2009

Evolution is a disease

During his research on coelacanths, Professor Donald Blake accidentally exposes himself to the fish's blood and undergoes a rapid devolution into a brutal ape-man. You just couldn't do something like that in today's economy.


  1. But it's cool. He had tenure. It's cool.

  2. When it comes to bizzaro creatures from the deep, consider the oyster.

    It’s bland shells do not belie the nutritionally balanced, and fascinating creatures that reside within them. They, much like David Bowie, are both graceful and androgynous. From their outsides there is no way of telling which sex and oyster is, and an oyster may change it’s sex several times during the course of it’s lifetime. It’s famous pearl is the result of an irritating piece of grit that becomes lodged in its fragile body. I am, personally, hard-pressed to find another animal that deals with aggravation so elegantly.

    Perhaps the most fascinating is the symbiotic relationship with the Pinnotheres osrtreum, or Pea Crab. A dime-sized crustacean that has evolved to live within the shell of an oyster, it settles in the mantle cavity of the mollusk and warns its host of enemies. Much can be learned from this fruitful friendship.


  3. The oyster is indeed a compelling creature of the deep, and I never took notice of its similarities to the Thin White Duke until now. This comment made my morning, Parker.

  4. Oysters got their mothers in a whirl.