Monday, August 17, 2009

And I thought this was a glamorous job

Naraka is the underworld in Hindu, Buddhist, and Jainist mythologies. Unlike Western hells, in which sinners sizzle in hellfire for eternity, Naraka is only a temporary cleansing state of existence, in which misdeeds are met with punishment and then the damned are returned to the realm of the living. With that being said, it still looks absolutely miserable. Let this be a warning to all you readers who like debauchery: embrace virtue or be made into soup.


  1. A devil explains the rules to the new man :
    Inside a small room people are gathered standing knee deep in sewerage drinking coffee,the new man thinks to himself "Ok,it could be worse,I like coffee and I'll might even get used to the smell "
    Five minutes later the devil shouts "Breaks over everybody back on your heads !"

  2. They thought of everything! Even the coffee's cold!